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>Singing in the rain. Shower


A couple of months back, I received an email from TKK. Besides the bulk of her email which consist of her usual glamourous life with her thousands of lovers, she added that she spent a ridiculously huge amount of money I shall not disclose the amount but it’s bloody ridiculous even for TKK on 3 different custom made rain shower for her bathrooms…

Well the first thing that came to my mind was: so you have toilet bowls made of gold and now it literately rains in your bathroom. Whats next? A tornado hair-dryer that blows your hair into the perfect shape?
Alright I lied. The first thing that came to my mind was: You spent that much money on what??? for those who are curious, she is part of the ‘elite’ group of abnormal people who earns that much money to burn in her fireplace so that she can keep warm at night.
I mean for that amount of money, I bet she could fly to Africa and adopt a kid or dial 1800 I-LOVE-JAMIE-CHAN in which all proceeds goes to funding fish for my lunch and a new camera.
I was pretty skeptical about the whole ‘IT RAINS IN YOUR BATHROOM!’ part of having a rain shower and face it. Every time I go under the rain, I either whip out my umbrella or prepare boxes of tissue to await my date with the rhino virus, also more commonly known as a cold. 
To contradict what I just said, I absolutely love the rain as it creates such a great mood when I am shooting!
Either ways, as I dream of having a gold, diamonds and precious stones encrusted rain showers that acts as a literal rain cloud with touch panel screens and voice activated controls, size customized for you and your *insert number* lovers, fast forward to last Sunday.
My parents bought a rain shower head.
I repeat: they bought a rain shower head. so much for acting poor.

I am not going to compare this to what TKK has because it would make this look so sad that I should just use a bucket of water to shower instead but there it is. A rain shower head.
As with typical scorpios, I was freaking out. 
Firstly, the old shower head is gone. I happen to like that old shower head T_T 
Secondly, I never liked showers that are stuck in one place. I mean this one comes with an extra movable shower head as well but its nothing like the old shower head. 
Thirdly, its really small…. I mean my 1X1m shower area is definitely not suitable for a rain shower besides the fact that you can hardly get an umbrella in there which I managed to fit for the first image but you only have this miniature amount of space where the water falls in this miniature 1X1M space! Talk about claustrophobic.
Anyways, it has been about three days since I used the rain shower so I don’t exactly hate it with my heart and soul. In fact, it can be pretty relaxing minus the claustrophobic part. Just that I really miss my old shower head which is now in Riko’s bathroom… 
Yes my dog has his own bathroom. After all, he is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
I had not been blogging for the past 2ish week.

It’s a statement and I have absolutely no excuses this time. While I am sure a few of you guys out there miss my highly dramatic life, I just feel that I really needed a break. Well I am still replying to the emails sent so there isn’t really a need to come up with worst case senarios. Than again, this is probably one of the worst design modules I am going through. The funny part is, with each design module I take, my definition of the ‘worst module’ seems to be constantly evolving. To cut the long story short, I am not suited for design AT ALL.

So my life has been pretty mundane for the past 2 weeks besides the fact that I am avoiding consultations which brings me to the whole avoiding school part. In fact, I had been knocking on doors for jobs which had been kind of successful to a certain extent because I get assignments coming in here and there just that I am completely neglecting my school work. 
So those who are expecting me to get drunk, have sex, get pregnant, get hooked on drugs, start smoking and contemplate bleeding to death, sorry to disappoint you as the script writer has not added that part just yet. 
I may be really miserable but my misery will end in a couple of weeks. 
Unless I fail and have to retake the bloody module which equals to I can’t graduate in which case I shall take the happy idiot course of life.

Anyways, I have not been shooting as much as I would like to. I did however shoot fashion for one of my seniors. Although I am not too happy with it, at least it finally looks like it belongs to the fashion genre instead of glamour or portraits. 
Regarding the exhibition I was talking about a few post back, it is really going to happen! Three of my works will be showcased at the national library starting from the 1st of April to the 15th of May.  So if any of you are in Singapore do pop by the library or drop me an email for more details!

Alright I have been babbling a little too much on my life. Time to get back to my integrated project in which I will probably NEVER touch in my life again. 

Ok really last last thing. For those of you in NYC this September to November/ December, could you please drop me an email if you have an extra room for a photographer:3 She can cook and take pretty pictures(: And for those in India/ Cambodia next month, do drop me an email as well!

Love of my life<333
Tag replies:

Seph: hey girl! Nah I didn’t photoshop it:3 I used a flash with a slow shutter. I know I already congratulated you in your email but CONGRATULATIONS<3333

Jess: haha I can teach you! I’ll be a better teacher than George. When will you be in Jakarta till? I could go over if I quit school now haha(:

George: You may be Asian, but you just don’t fit the black hair image… Not to mention the long black hair image. Stick to short blonds. You look better when you stick to blonds.

Seres: Thanks! Let me know when you are visiting Singapore again! I’ll take you to one of my favorite pubs this time<3

Partially that is :3

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