>Remembering the land of the rising sun

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I wanted to combine my thoughts on the earthquake that happened in Japan with a happier post but I feel that this one deserves its own post given that I was too traumatized to say anything about the earthquake that happened in Haiti.

I spent the entire day shooing, and had no access to the Internet when I received a text from J. She did not tell me the details but asked to take a look at the news as soon as I could get my hands on ‘civilization techonology’

I didn’t pay much attention to her text until I came back late at night and watched a tsunami sequence engulfing a shoreline, sweeping houses, boats and cars away with little effort. It didn’t strike me until I saw the headlines and the name of the country that was hit by it…

Japan is home to many of my friends. To see their home shaken and washed away by the earthquake and the tsunami felt like receiving the news of the Haiti earthquake all over again. I was shaking and absolutely devastated by the news.
Amongst the people I know, G and S are alright and I was so so so glad to receive their email that they are safe.

My thoughts go out to my friends, their families, the Japanese and whoever that is affected by the quake and tsunami as they struggle through this time of crisis.

If any of you guys are reading this please drop me an email to let me know you are alright.

I ask for nothing but please be safe everyone.

Tag replies:

George: Please stay safe:( 
Regards to your parents. Let me know if I can coordinate anything for you.

Jul: Thanks(:

Kite: hmmm, I am no expert but I can find you a decent one(: Whats your budget like?

JKT: I might be able to drop by for a short while during the 1st week of April!
Will let you know.

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