Reflections for STGCC

I am not very big for shooting at Cosplay events but when Lawliet is gonna do a female character and requested that I come along, I know I can never refuse.

In a cosplay event, you need to act fast. In order to get that one shot that is different from the other photographers you probably have a minute or less before a swarm of people arrives.
So for a sea turtle of a photographer like myself, it is a pretty stressful thing to do as I have to deal with the stress of so many people gathering around you while your subjects mostly have the attention span of a house fly because of the massive amount of people.
To top it off, the light is changing due to factors like the sun and other photographers firing their flash at full power simultaneously.

Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome White Bunny -Kiko

So there is a huge calculation mess going in my head F2, F2.8, F4.

Know your reciprocal, know your gear, know your lenses, talk to you model, head in a clean background, cut that shit out, screw F8, watch the shadows, watch your histogram, watch your red channel, smile, breath damn it breath, all these while trying to ignore the huge mass of people who are walking around with their camera, shooting and flashing everything that moves.

These days, using a flash is like a must have camera deco in cosplay events and I am not the type of photographer who walks around with it. Even if I do, I would mostly work with my Lasolite softbox because that is the closest thing I own to a window light on a stick.
Then again, there is a huge ass window light coming in from the side so I don’t see a reason why I should use a flash. The scary part is that the moment I start shooting, a huge swarm and I mean like 3 and it slowly increases to 15-30 people start to gather around the subjects I was working with.
Did they ask? Nope. Do they know what they are doing? Nope. Do they care? Nope.

So tell me, how do I compete with a wall of photographers who are game on lighting everything in their paths and firing away at 9 frames per second?

Wall of Photographers. Count the number of flash!

It was people-o-phobia okay that sounds a lot better in my head but you get the idea at its height and I was sinking back into my shell.
Then again, the real nightmare began when my 35mm screwed up on me.

I repeat: My. 35mm. Screwed. Up. On. Me.

I missed so many shots on this great green earth because it screwed up and jammed my entire camera.

Apparently, there is something wrong with the contact of the lens which caused my camera to jam, which caused me to miss my shot T.T
Thing is, my 35mm screwed up before several times and I missed a couple of shots here and there but for an event where my people-o-phobia was at its height and I am depending on it to not jam up my camera before a swarm of people gathers. It was a nightmare.

Which brings me to the point of why a 35mm F1.4 is no longer a want but a need.

Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome Black Bunny -Lawliet

I need a 35mm F1.4 because for the type of photography I am doing, I am shooting a lot in low light and I am sick of correcting the distortion and vignette that my current lens produces when I shoot at F2. The 35mm F2 is a really great lens but I think I have probably hit the limit for it and it is time to move on. Not to mention that fact that it keeps jamming my camera. The big BUT comes in when that lens is going to set me back by some 2 grand. Which kind of grounds my plans for Cambodia…

In other words, I simply cannot afford that lens at the moment T_T

So it would be great if you guys could make a donation to the ‘I love Jamie Chan fan club’ while I’ll dial 1800-make-a-wish-foundation to see if they would grant my wish.

Shot on my 35mm. Love this focal length!

On a happier note, I am a proud owner of a poochum!

I call it chumchum 8D

Chumchum and friends of chumchum

It is really cute but ugly and I think my dog loves it!

Chumchum and Riko!

Back to my STGCC images, I am not jumping for joy over the images I made during the convention. They were terrible pretty alright and I don’t think they will ever make it to print. However, it is nice when your image becomes your subject’s profile picture(: I mean a profile picture is kind of like something you ‘sell’ yourself with so to have my image as their profile picture cheered me up a little(:
I really need to work on my posing and framing T_T 

Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome White Bunny -Kiko

Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome Black Bunny -Lawliet

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