>On Cliches


Taken when I went back to PL with Carolyn<3

Before I start my post on cliches and drown everyone with a few images, let me randomly allow my mind to wonder how many of you guys reading this actually own an I-phone?

The thing about not having an I-phone is probably that you don’t have a pretty brilliant camera in your pocket and that you can’t access the ever changing world of social media on the go. Then again, who needs an iPhone when you have the Cannon S90 and how is it possible to keep up with social medias when I am so busy even on the go. Then again, I am probably just deluding myself if I said that the I-phone is not a fantastic phone to have. Which brings me back to my wants and needs. And the conclusion goes, I want an iPhone. 
Or it would be really nice to have a phone with a battery life that gets you through a day if you remember to charge it. If not, that’s a pretty sad day to go through, without a phone.

Random image of the day:

Because so many people have been asking me about my dual os-full workflow thing.

“Kittens are not cliches. It’s just the way you shoot them” David duChemin

I am currently having the time of my life *insert hints of sarcasm* with fashion imaging which is like fashion photography and creative story telling which taken in it’s literal sense, telling a story or in this case, coming up with a story creatively.

Starting off with creative story telling, I had been hearing stuff like the stories my classmates come up with are cliches and has been done before bla bla bla during a presentation. 
The worst part is before they even began to share their stories with the class, they start off by saying something like I know my story is cliche but here it is.
To a certain extend, yes the story is cliche! Child whose parents died or that they discovered someone had an illness and everyone in the story seemed to die in the end *insiders joke* Chanel 8 drama/ Korean drama kind of story.
My point being, when will people stop using cliche as an excuse to put themselves down? I mean it’s pretty scary that half the class literately went my story sucks because it has been written before but I am going to write it anyways and hopefully it will not give off the same vibe as the other cliches out in the market. If that is the case, why do they even bother writing the story.
Sure the orphan child has been written to death and we are still attracted to the child has no parents because it kind of tickles the darker side of the human brain. If only someone would pull the teenage minds back to earth and say ‘yes the concept is bloody cliche but how can you tell it in a way that it is not cliche’? And not go ‘hell yea it’s cliche now give me a new idea’.

Partially failed pin-hole
Ah wells. Either ways, I am pretty much struggling for the two modules but I know I will pull through somehow. Test shoot with Steph tomorrow and I am so excited in lugging:
Light stand
2 Speedlites
2 Pocket Wizards
Canon 5D
and a hell lot of batteries.
*Insert image of my chiropractor sighing, shaking his head and getting 160SGD from me*
Today was test shoot part 2 and I dealt with rear curtain sync. It is so frustrating when my lights NEVER synced with the pocket wizards. In my frustration and irritation as I fiddled with the damm thing for 4 hours, I popped my speedlite on top on my camera and I finally got it to work! After 4 bloody hours! I managed a decent rear curtain sync! 

Good news, I managed to synced it.
Bad news, I can’t do a rear curtain off camera flash because I can’t trigger it with the pocket wizard T_T
Good news, the effects are pretty cool.
Bad news, without decent ambient light from the sun, it is going to be very hard to pull off a nice lighting with the flash directly on the camera. In other words, I am pretty screwed for tomorrow’s shoot because I will be shooting at night.

The thing about having a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is that they will do almost anything for food. That includes being my model(: So the next part is dedicated to my darling Cavalier taken from Monday’s test shoot.

This is Riko’s way of saying feed me or I refuse to get up the chair.
Still not up on the chair…
The thing about working with animals is that they are always moving! However, even if they somehow behave like ADD suffers, its just about waiting for that moment.
With humans, they can keep still but if they can’t pose, you are in for a hard time.
With dolls, they are perfect(:
Added color gel. 
Now would be a good time to have an assistant to hold up a reflector on the right.
Color gel part 2(:
My setup. I used a soft box as well but I kind of missed when I took this picture>.> So just imagine a soft box next to the chair and tadah. A 3m times 1m studio in my house with a sleeping model.

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