Of wine and good company

9th August. I swear there were no wine involved! At least, not for today(:
Well technically it’s already the 10th of August since its 2.31am. But anyways, its Singapore’s 46th birthday! Happy belated birthday my dear country!

The thing that is special about National day is not exactly the parade and the goodness of the fun pack song. It’s that my best buddies from my Secondary school days, Jessica and Fiona will pop by my place for dinner(:

It has been a full year since I last met them and I always love catching up and exchanging stories with them.
I don’t exactly have a picture of them which does not include Riko climbing all over them fail as a photographer but I promise that I will do a nice one! Once I meet them. Next year? T_T


I can’t exactly remember when I met her… If I were to make a guess, it would be when I was back in Secondary 1? I got close to her when I was went to her place for dinner. Everyday(:  I really miss cycling up to her place and having dinner there as her maid’s cooking is fantastic and her mum is one of the nicest person I know.

Back then, she was someone who can’t take public transport even if her life depended on it. The colors of the MRT line would confuse her even though there are only 3 different colors…
Yes fifi just 3 colors although there is a 4th one now and soon there will be a 5th and 6th.

She was the music person who plays the piano and the gu zheng. Our past-times include thinking of ways to get Jessica annoyed(:
My proudest moment for her would be when she was the president of her Gu Zheng tuan, led them to SYF (Singapore Youth Festival, kind of like a national inter-school competition) without a teacher in charge and got a Gold. Having experienced all sort of CCA nightmares with teachers, firing a teacher is still one of the scariest decision a leader can make. The president and myself never did ‘fire’ or chase our teacher away no matter what insane rubbish we got, we just stuck with it and went along. But Fiona actually led her entire team without a teacher a scored a gold! I was so so proud of her<3

Right now, she is a Primary School Teacher. Educating the next generation of minds by brain washing them with a failing system.
I have lots of issues with the education system in general but I know Fiona will be a fantastic teacher to the little ‘angels’ who steps on her shoes(:


She walked into my class during the late months in Secondary 1. Standing at 1.7ish meters tall, she was a tall imposing figure was short spiky hair who carried this dark blue Kipling bag and sat at the back of the class. I was not close to her as I didn’t like the people she hung out with so I never actually got to know her till later in my school years when I realized that she was a huge fan of comics and manga. Yes I am an otaku as well.
She gets bullied by my dog. Which kind of says a lot(:

She was really athletic back then. notice the words back then A badminton player who taught me how to hit a shuttlecock so that it does not travel backwards, it was fun watching her make weird noises while my dog attempts to lick her face.
Proudest moment of her would be when she told me she was nominated for the sports woman of the year award for her school. *clap clap clap*
I was so happy that her talent was being noticed and recognized by her school. I mean there were so many athletes in her school and she was one of the 5 who are nominated! Which kind of shows the dedication and love she has for the sport.

One of the funniest moments of her would be when she told me was nominated for the sports woman of the year award.
As during the nomination period, they had this interview and her interviewer asked her this question:

“So if you win this award, what would you do with your prize money of 1000sgd?”

Her answer?

“I will use it to buy more shuttlecocks for the team.”

This never fails to make my day.

Either ways, 7ish years and going strong dearies. Lets play badminton and take pretty pictures soon(:

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  1. Oi!! You didn’t have to specifically HIGHLIGHT the part about “back then”… LOL!

    And I KNEW IT!! You guys take too much fun in bullying me! D;

    Oh and btw, it wasn’t late sec 1. It was in sec 2!! You forgot!? DDx

  2. I don’t have any rackets here. xD
    I know, Fifi was complaining to me about my rackets. I don’t need you to complain about that as well. Hahaha! Play basketball?? xDD
    I know Claris loves playing bb! xD

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