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>Lonely in the rain.


Fashion photography is over! I was pretty worried about my images but I guess my editing skills kind of made up for it. In the end, although my images look more like some pre-wedding shots, I don’t exactly feel like hiding in a hole. In conclusion, it’s not too bad but it can be better.
The rest of the images I submitted.

I attended the photoscape wall opening ceremony on Wednesday and it was pretty interesting. I wished I had more images to show you guys but it was raining and I doubt my S90 is as ‘weather proof’ as my 5D is so I did not managed to spot and shoot all of my images that are on the wall.
I would say that it is nice to see my name and image up on that wall! I mean how many people can point to the wall and say hey that is my shot! It’s a pretty interesting photo mosaic thing and I swear I would go down sometime in the future to do a proper shoot of the wall!

Anyways, the opening ceremony was graced by one of the ministers, Dr Vivian Balakrisnan. The eclairs were good:3 So things happened and I soon found myself part of a group photo that was going to be in the papers the following day. The best part was that the photographer wanted us to pose with our cameras! Guess who decided that her S90 was all she needed for the opening ceremony… In the end, I had to borrow a more ‘professional’ looking camera and tadah page 14 of the Chinese newspaper(:

It’s always great to see your images published and recently, mine got published in the Swedish expat magazine! My first!

Many thanks to M for submitting my image! Although they kind of left out my name… But hey! I took that shot<333

So Chinese new year is just next week and being the Chinese that I am, I shall attempt to spring clean my room. Which seems to be getting worst the more I try to shift things around>.>
I kind of gone crazy chopped off 3 inches of my hair and bought lots of clothes that I probably will not wear after the New Year so yea. I blame my lack of sleep>.>

Singapore has been raining pouring for the past few days and it really brings back memories. Happy ones which will probably be harder to find in the future. Those idiotic days where we would run in the rain and get berated by C and forced to drink his chicken soup.
I would end up with a sky rocketing fever while you would panic and make stupid promises like it will snow in Singapore.
I really really miss talking to you.
When I got rather high on Friday night, I dreamt that you came back but you probably never will anymore.
Alrights the rest of the really miserable and depressing stuff goes to the Alice Diary.

A few more street shots with my S90 on rainy Singapore to end off the post(:
I swear I love that camera!

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