>Life with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Its a strange sight. A really strange sight.

I swear it is as if we adopted a new baby in the house and my parents are literately cooing and going gaga over it. Well at least my mum thinks my dog understands and ‘communicates’ with her better than I do.

It all began when my mum wanted to take Riko to places such as the market or for dinner. In other words, to eat in peace without Riko barking, gnawing on the leash, attracting stares and being the untamed and partially trained Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that 
he is.

She came up with this brilliant idea of getting a carrier bag that a bag of rice the 10kg dog could fit snugly in and by the mercy of the stars, behave.
So the hunt began for a carrier that can fit Riko. Shoulder bags, pull along trolleys, designer’s sling, carrier case and basically everything fit for a king the size of a Chiwawa. Thus it was back to the drawing board because Riko is a tad long and like his owner, borderline overweight.

For one, my dog loves being on something that can be pushed around. Eg, a trolley so we sourced for a different kind of carrier. 
One with wheels…

Enter the grey-blue Ibiyaya stroller. It looks like an oddly shaped baby pram with three wheels.

Pampered baby.

Push me around? :3
It was a big hit! Not only were people who were scared shitless of dogs not afraid of my hyperactive monster, dog lovers, random strangers and people on a whole loved him. Most took a second look as they would expect to see a baby in a stroller and instead they saw this brown ball of fur wagging his tail and sticking out his tongue.

Eyes on the world.
He is always looking at something. 

Most importantly, I actually ate dinner. In peace! While he was resting comfortably in his little stroller.
The best part was that when we took him out of his stroller, he refused to walk and wanted to jump back in. Life of a cavalier king charles… Always forcing his human slaves to serve him.

Fits in the hawker center like a glove.
Well, almost.
Dinner! Well just the Ice lemon tea at least.
Anyways, looks like my little darling will be following me for dinner from now on(:
Oh and my dad suggested that he needs those kind of baby napkin as his saliva keeps getting on his fur.
Did we adopt a pampered baby or what?

And if you are wondering about the images, they are shot with a 15inch Macbook Pro’s photobooth, Nokia 6700 and the S90. Depending on which ‘camera’ I had on hand(:
Images of the band to come!

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