>For the love of filth.


So as mentioned in my last post, I am a Chinese.
Being a Chinese, we dread do something called spring cleaning every year. Literately, cleaning your house in spring. Or in this case, my room.
Actually normal Chinese spread this cleaning day over a few weeks while I prefer to give myself hell and do it within 6 hours.

I think I can hear JKT screaming right now>.>

This is what my room looks like before I cleaned shifted things around it.

So 2 hours, awesome music by Elton John and a box of chocolates later,

My bay window has never looked so beautiful<333
Just that my floor kind of went missing>.>

4 more hours, more awesome Eric Clapton and praying to the cleaning god later,

My mess looks so much more organized(: Or as I like to call it, a re-organized mess.
I am so proud of myself.

Although the interesting thing about the way I clean re-organized my room, as comment by G is that it matches my thought process in photography!
I shot with him once and I admit to having an insanely messy thought process before getting to my final image. I mean I could be muttering to myself, staring into space, shoot frames here and there and scribbling notes down before I go ‘thats the one’! As compared to when I organize my room. I put things in piles on the floor, mutter to myself and put more things in piles before I decide where they should go.

So how do you guys clean your room/ house? Do you just hire someone to do it for you? Or maybe you just let the room clean itself 8D

On another note, Happy Chinese New Year Everyone(:
any tips for escaping the dinner besides forking out 800SGD for the next flight to Densapar? T_T

Random shot<333

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JKT: I know darling8D I always know<333

Will: Thanks! Bring a keychain back for me!

Chanel: Thanks dearie! I love your illustrations! Draw me soon<333

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