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Before I start on this post as requested by one of my mates, I just realized I had not done a box opening post for my newest watch!

I’ve wanted a watch by Appetime ever since I laid eyes on one of their collection as all of their watches are so cute! Mine is the sea turtle series and lets see who can spot the sea turtle on my watch(: *hint*its clinging to the strap*


Very pretty turquoise color!

Can you spot the sea turtle now? (:

More miniature turtles!

So say hihi to my 4th watch(: Its a little heavy just like all sea turtles are but its cute just like all sea turtles are. It is also as expensive as a sea turtle is T_T but its cute. delusion of a photographer

Anyways, on to the proper post. Describe my iPod… You guys seriously want to hear about this?
Well for starters, my iPod is not red…
*Selling a 32GB, Sliver 4th Gen iPod! Its yours for a 32GB, Red 4th Gen iPod*

Well actually it is closer to grey as its previous owner pasted a a grey sticker over the silver bits so I guess I’ll live with that.

In any case if you must know, I have a rather bi-polar iPod. I mean I have almost every genre of song except techno which I absolutely abhor. *I support, DEATH TO TECHNO*

My top 5 most played music in my iPod are:

5) Hallelujah by Blake. Played 568 times.

This song just pushes you around as the melody is absolutely enchanting. Despite being a partial atheist, I think that this song is absolutely beautiful.

4) Stranger in Moscow by Michael Jackson Played 601 times.

I love MJ and a lot of his songs but this one is just something special.

3) The More Things Change by Bon Jovi. Played 645 times

I love love love the lyrics.
Nostradamus says, I predict that the world will end in half past six.
With lyrics like that, how can you not listen and come to love Elton John?

1) Lonely Stranger by Eric Clapton Played 928 times


Noticed the jump in plays? So did I…
I can do a whole post on why I love Clapton but this song really speaks to me.
I’m the lonely stranger here, I’ll be on my way.
Play this song when you are ’emo,’ in a dark conner of your room, about to slash your wrist and shopping for a coffin online -debating if you your coffin should be made out of teak or mahogany.
8D okay I am kidding but this song really speaks to me which explains the jump in plays(:

So I have stuff from Rock, blues to classical. About 1/4 of my iPod is filled with Classical tunes. Anything from Beethovan to Bach to Rachmaninoff to *insert classical composer’s name here.* In other words, more dead people than live ones(:
Oh and an interesting fact about my iPod would be I have Chinese songs in it! Mainly by Anita Mui and a few dead Chinese people whose names I can’t remember.

So there you have it(: My really bi-polar iPod(:

Oh and if there is another thing I dearly love about WordPress, it would be their word count! It lets me know how many words I’ve written and if one page is 250 words, I am probably writing an average of 3ish pages for every post! How cool is that? 8D

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