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DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition

“DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition takes us into the extraordinary world of artists and filmmakers who have produced some of the most beloved and iconic animated films of the last twenty years. Showcasing DreamWorks Animation’s creative legacy from its first feature film Antz (1998) through to How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014), the exhibition feautures over 400 objects alongside seven immersive and interactive digital experience”

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宝 -My Shanghai Story with Spring Airlines

Even before I got to Shanghai, I was very fascinated with their ‘Ancient Water Town’ as the guide book touts.
They speak of old architectures and tea houses next to beautiful water canals!
Qi Bao is one of the nearest water town from the city centre; about a 20 minutes ride in the taxi.
If you managed to block out the crowd of people, you do get a sense that you have been transported back into ancient China.
Or at the very least, a movie set.

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园 -My Shanghai Story with Spring Airlines

I was invited by Spring Airlines to find out My Shanghai Story along with a bunch of other bloggers to a cold and rainy Shanghai. After boarding the Metro, getting a little lost, asking a friendly local for directions later, we arrived at 1933 Shanghai before moving on to the DuoLun Famous Cultural People Street for lunch. Next on the itinerary was the […]