Box Opening -The Iconic Photographs

So, the story goes, I bought Steve McCurry’s new book- The Iconic Photographs just a week back.
Its a really expensive book but there was free shipping and did I mention that its Steve McCurry? guilty

I placed an order with the Book Depository and waited for about a week? When I finally got the shipping notice, I was over the moon! I experienced lots of problems with Singpost and I could probably do a blog post on how terrible their services are so I thought I would go down to the post office which was some two bus stops away to collect my book<3

The book was so big and heavy that it was not placed at the usual collection point! I had to go right into the area where they sort out letters and collect it from there. So I had a little glimpse at what went on behind the post office and it was rather interesting! It could make it good project really.

Anyways, the nice people at the Book Depository put the book into a Santa Claus approved Royal Mail, Great Britain bag and lugging the book in that bag is harder than it looks. I really wonder how Santa does it.

It was so heavy and bulky that I took a cab back and the funny thing is the meter went up to 3SGD!
Cheapest cab fare ever!

The bag it was in next to my really lazy cavalier. See how big it is?


Published by Phaidon! *One day when i am famous enough, I’ll get them to publish my book as well 8D* Still dreaming(:

1889. Its a pretty number:3

Plastic wrap over the handsome black cover. I was expecting it to be pink tho.

If you are wondering about the crappy image quality/ noise, its because I was so excited that I failed to notice that my S90 was at ISO 1600 in bright day light. Yes, I am that good.

The gorgeous blue book. The words are so pretty *.*

My limited edition print. Am gonna frame this up!

Signed by McCurry<3 1889/3000!

The little note and his signature! I love little notes!

For those who still have no clue who Steve McCurry is, he was the one behind this image:

It still gives me chills whenever I look at this image

I have had my fair share of photo books. But The Iconic Photographs is easily one of the biggest- coming in at 40 x 60 cm, heaviest -7ish kg and my personal favorites!
The book itself is like going to an exhibition. There are some 165 images in it and each of them are so distinct and so exquisite, they are truly iconic. There are also little notes for each image at the back of the book which are really interesting to read.

In any case, how many photographers can get away publishing a book called The Iconic Photographs?

I mean if I publish a book called The Iconic Images or something along those lines, I’ll probably be as infamous as Rebecca Black!
McCurry’s work does not shout at your face but with the use of lighting, composition and that drop dead gorgeous colour, it forms a really beautiful image that deserves being called an icon.
There is something in his works which he calls ‘the unguarded moment.’ Its hard to explain it in words but you feel it when you look at his images. Just like listening to good music, there is that subtle detail, that movement, that color, those eyes and yes I am enjoying every single page turn of his book!
If I had any complains/ rants about the book at all, it would have to be on some of his landscape images.
McCurry, why on god’s great green earth do you have to print your landscapes across two pages! Especially when the focus is in the middle of the image! It gets cut across the binding and does not have the same effect I know it will have if it did not get eaten up by the binding.
Other than that, it is a absolutely fantastic book to have.

So if you are thinking and wondering if you should spend some 300SGD on this book, go and click that buy button and eat grass for the next few months because this is worth every single cent. In fact, go grab a podium and a spot light while you are at it so that you can place this in the center of your house for the best experience of his works.

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