>A rush of the wind.


Here I am on a Saturday afternoon with Bob Dylan on my playlist reflecting like an old woman when I should really be starting on either my freelance stuff or school work.

My partial topic for today shall be about changes. Just like the wind that comes and go, changes comes and go. As I looked through at what I blogged about for the past three, it is just a really surreal feeling that hey I  performed in Carnegie Hall and drank wine like water just a few years back! I did ballroom dancing, busted my ligament and was the queen of ‘unglam’ photography.
The best part is that if I were to compare the timeline of this blog to the Alice Diary, it would be even stranger. The level of maturity, language used and thought processes are just so different that I was probably a born actress.

So when I made the transition as suggested by N to ‘be myself,’ it was really strange as i was typing liek this & use all the shortcuts in the world and all of a sudden, I had proper structures and a clearer thought process.
Alrights my thought process is still as messy as ever but hey its an improvement!

The changes in my photography for the past few years were even scarier. As it was just like yesterday when I was shooting flowers>.< I lost a good bit of my portfolio when my hard disc crashed but hey I got a pretty decent one backed up in some 4 places so no worries about losing anything unless my house burns down or something.
As I looked back at the images I shot and posted on this blog, it was pretty interesting to see what I managed to do with the Canon G9. Although 95% of what I did with the G9 sucked but there were a few shots that I went wow. You sure that was the G9?

Changes are good I guess. From shooting flowers to getting your works printed in an exhibition. Thats a good change(:

I made a few changes to my blog as well after some readers suggested that I should have an RSS feed subscription to it. So Tadah~ The Stalking Corner is born(: I migrated my Social Medias to the front as well because of my love for social medias(: They just changed the way I reach out to people. I am still trying to find a nice feature that you can subscribe to this blog via email but I guess this is good for now.

Alright on to my works!!! I have to finish one more DI work for a fashion shoot.
At first, I was really excited about it as I thought I could do crazy stuff like making a person look prettier, swapping heads, brushing on makeup, enlarging eyes and all that glamourous crap which fizzled out the moment I received the brief. I almost died as I had to liquify the body of the model>.> It was so bloody hard as it was a lingerie/ fashion shoot so I had to deal with her entire body T_T
God knows how many times I distorted her body before I managed to get the proportions right with some help from another photographer. At one point, I swear she looks like a stick! *soembarrassing.jpec*
Which brings me to another topic in mind on beauty in which I will find some time to blog about somewhere in the future(:

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