>A date with Eric Clapton


14th of February 2011 marks the best Valentines Day I had ever. Eric Clapton’s concert was simply amazing! I mean he is some 66 years old this year but he probably have a much better stamina than I have.
Besides the occasional mention of his band member’s name (who played really freaking well by the way) and the many thank you, he played for a solid two hours! It was just song after song after song and he was really really good!

It was almost full house and I was so fortunate to be able to get the tickets. The day before he played 8D
Thats right. I only got them on Sunday thanks to a really lovely seller who did not mark up the ticket price! In fact, he waived part of the booking fee for me as well! How I got to know of this seller was really random and as with half of my purchases, on impulse.

In fact, I should probably start a buying guide on how to shop on impulse because I seem to do that so often>.> So here is a quick version of how I normally shop(:

Step 1) Randomly come across the most expensive item in the shop/ online or in this case, Clapton is holding a concert in Singapore!

 Step 2) Get depressed that you are not gonna own *insert item’s name* because you have no budget.
Or in this case, the 99SGD seats for his concert were sold out and I can’t afford the 199SGD seats T_T

Step 3) Get very very depress and start asking what if you eat grass for the rest of the month to get *insert item’s name*
Iin this case, contemplate and convince yourself that it is so worth paying 199SGD with the sane reasoning that I might get a 199SGD job within the month.

Step 4) Browse around forums, ebay, online shops and start sinking into a black hole. Fill up pages and pages of your Alice Diary on why you should have that item until reality bites and do your best to convince yourself that your money tree is not gonna grow money no matter how much love you give it. Find a reasoning against it and stick to it until step 5.
In this case, I really can’t afford to spend an extra 99SGD because I happened to bust my budget its vintage dammit by some 2K. My reasoning for not going is that the DVD is going to be alot cheaper so T_T no Clapton for me.

Step 5) Spot someone who is selling *insert item’s name* at the most random place. Get really happy, excited and do not hesitate to say YES! Eg: Meet someone for dinner, say yes and bring home a Volks Chika the following day.
In this case, someone is letting go of the tickets on twitter. TWITTER DAMM IT! That is like the last place I would expect to find a pair of tickets to Clapton’s concert! Who sells stuff on Twitter????

Step 6) Hand the money over ignoring the cries of your bank account and have a happy.jpec face.

So as the story goes someone is selling the tickets on Twitter… Long story short, I contacted that really lovely person on Saturday with all the expectation that he is not going to reply and got my tickets on Sunday 8D awesome.com

Anyways, no regret on my part because the concert was fantastic. In fact, I have not been to such a great concert since the New York Philharmonics came back in 2008. He played with three guitars and I have so much love for his baby blue guitar!

Oh and if you are wondering, my tickets says 99SGD but I kind of migrated down to the 199SGD seats so yayness I earned a 100 bucks!! The view was great! Although I wished I recorded more video but I just could not hold my S90 still as I was trying my best not to cough my lungs out. I managed to recorded Layla 8D I will probably post the video on youtube or something so that you guys can share the magic of Eric Clapton playing live in Singapore with me(:

He is soooo good<3 In fact when Clapton sings live, you will not feel like listening to his recording because there is just so much soul in his live performance. Technically wise, he is super fabulous but he and his band really pulled out the soul of each song. EVERY song they performed. Although they just played one song for the encore T_T

Finding a date for this concert was a nightmare. Besides it being Valentines day which means more than half of the people I know would be busy taking each other out to Italian restaurants, I was pretty confident that someone would pay for the other ticket I got as a certain someone was all:

*Insert blond voice* omg dearie. if you managed to get the tickets i will so go with you. you must call me! its a must!!! call me nya.

Ok I think the nya gave it away. So when I happily texted T on Saturday, I got a really lovely reply:

dearie, remember that party on friday? well i told you that musician was cute and i kind of hooked up with him. so i am no go for clapton’s concert cause he is taking me out for dinner!!! what am i gonna wear???? no worries dearie as i will so make it up to you nya!

Romance on Valentine’s day versus Eric Clapton….
Well dearie you missed one of the best live concerts of all time. Thank god B was free and saved me from looking like an idiot for buying two tickets and we both really enjoyed ourself<3

Ending my ERIC CLAPTON IS FREAKING AWESOME post with the fact that I am so in love with the blues and am considering buying a acoustic guitar for which my reasoning against it would be because I do not want it to end up like my cello. Hmm. Who knows. I might just pop by the forums tomorrow(:

One last bit>.<
Thanks A for treating me to that really awesome Japanese food for my V-day lunch(:
You are last because Clapton is god 8D

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JKT: haha I can’t sleep! And no, I do not want you to sing me to sleep(:

Kino: haha eh??? Younger than 18? Should I be happy or start drawing wrinkles on my face? haha<3 Anyways that outfit is super girly but its cute. A not-something-I-would-wear-often-because-I bought-it-on-impulse cute(:

George: haha. Did you give that to me? I can’t really remember. Hey its CNY Riko needs to wear something new:3

Alvin: haha good for you! I am waiting for my money tree to grow money before I get my M9!

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