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>A closure


I had not been really active on the cyber space again due to my insane schedule last week.
Most of the events that happened deserves a post of their own due to the images that go along with it so here is a preview/ run down on my dramatic life.


It’s over. The module that bugged me for two months.

One of the worst module ever, IP is over. It was officially over for me on the 23rd so better late than never to blog about it

There was so much drama leading up to my presentation date! It’s a pretty long story but I shall keep it short.

1) all presentation timings got pushed up by 10 minutes.
2) I was supposed to be the first to present on Wednesday at 10am.
3) Thanks to the change in timing, I became the last to present on Tuesday at 5.30pm.
3)  Guess who did not find out about the change till my friend wished me luck for my presentation on Tuesday evening…

Conclusion, I missed my final presentation…

The weird part was that I was so sick of IP and it did not really sink in that I just missed my presentation date till 1am in the morning when I really started to freak out and lament on how unlucky I was to have my timing pushed up and I so happened to be in the hospital that morning so I did not have Internet access with me till 9 at night.
I really want to drop out of school should I fail this module because of the presentation.

Well thankfully I did not have a psychotic break down and jump off the 11th floor. I just told myself to stay clam and look at the solution and somehow slept really soundly for someone who has missed her final presentation and potentially has to graduate a year later than her classmates.

Anyways, the point is that it is over.
I don’t know if I would actually fail the module but at least I presented.
I also went on a shopping spree the minute IP was over and kind of overspent again…..

So I had been really busy with back to back shoots driving me insane for the past week. The good news is that they are a fun kind of insane. 
I met up with so many people within the last week that it was pretty overwhelming. Familiar faces seems to pop by every corner and it was so ridiculous that I seemed to be meeting someone I know with every shoot I attend.
ANZA Shoot

This one really deserves it own post with images.
I mentioned in my last post that I was gonna shoot a band, and I did!
It was so so so FUN! Many thanks to S and K for the invitation.
Well what can I say mate? Aussies really know how to party 8D
Canon Shoot

This was one epic shoot.
Images to come.
 Impact with Compact workshop

I won the 3rd prize in a photo competition and went for a free workshop by the School of Photography Singapore. This one deserves a post of its own as well as it was so fun 8D

So you guys can expect three blog post once I get the images up and running(: need to clear my assignments shoot T_T
So enjoy 4 random images of my cavalier king charles shot on my S90 for now(:

Lastly, a shout out to my cousin if she is reading this, HIHI! Lets have lunch again soon(:

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